What makes Beauty 360 different


Differences between Beauty 360 makeup (using Premier Pigments) and other service providers makeup.


Beauty 360 permanent makeup

Other permanent makeup

1 .Procedure is 95% pain free due to use of advanced numbing techniques.

1. Procedures can be very painful

2. Premier Pigments are PERMANENT, they never fade out of the skin There are no iron oxides in the ink.

2. Pigments will be absorbed due to iron oxide content resulting in fading and colour changes.

3. Inert organic & organic pigment (no metals or iron) so they are Non – ferromagnetic & therefore MRI & CAT SCAN safe

3. Iron oxides (contain metals & iron) so they are Ferromagnetic & you may not be able to have a CAT scan or MRI.

4. Only 1 procedure required (very seldom does it have to be redone) 4.Procedures take at least 3-4 separate visits & need to be Redone in 3-5 years

4. Procedures take at least 3-4 separate visits & need to be Redone in 3-5 years

5. I am a certified Intradermal Cosmetic Practitioner, not a technician.

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6. Premier techniques & pigments are the only ones approved and supported by the AAIC USA and the Alliance for Safe Practice.

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